Why Neal Sabel is "Top Gun"

Neal Sabel.  The music machine, the all-around great musical talent is bringing back the 80s and bringing it back big time.  Armed with his Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer, Korg Radias and Korg Karma with a bunch of cool soft synths and beat machines such as the Hans Zimmer Percussion and running Logic Pro X, he is crafting the sound of the future and that sound is an epic 80s Pop/Rock sound like you've never heard before.  

Neal Sabel delivers the BIG sounds, the BIG arrangements, the BIG melodies, the BIG vocals, and the BIG tunes to set the world on fire!! His tunes will simply make the world go crazy, because they are exceptional in every way, brimming with style and originality and kicking with that special 80s vibe that we all know and love.  Now, check out the teaser below from his new album, "Mercury Sky" and prepare to be blown away!!


Neal Sabel is not only an exceptional artist but also an incredible songwriter and producer  and has worked with many aspiring artists, which you can hear in the "Original and Themed Male - Female Showreel."


Neal Sabel is proving himself to be an exceptional Topliner, up there with the world's best, arguably.  Not convinced, just check out the "Super TOPLINER Showreel" below and prepare to be amazed at just how good, catchy, versatile and original his songs/melodies really are. 

Super TOPLINER Showreel


The Ultimate Hooks Show-Reel

Original and Themed Pop Male-Female Show-Reel

The Ultimate Just Beats Show-Reel

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