Preparing Vocals

  • Vocals should not have any effects on them such as Reverb, not even EQ.  They should be completely dry.

  • Vocals should be delivered as high quality mp3s (preferably 320 kbps).

  • Vocals should be organised in separate folders, such as First Verse, Second Verse, Chorus, Bridge and Harmonies.  Use your best 2 takes for each.

  • Place all your vocals folders in one zip file and use a service such as Hightail (they offer a free trial) to send the file to Neal Sabel’s email, where he can download the vocals via a link.  This is undoubtedly, for efficiency.

  • Your vocals will be professionally mixed down into the song of your selection and the finished artist demo will be sent to you in high quality MP3 format.


  • Reasonable edits will be included in the original price for a demo, such as increasing vocal levels or adding some extra instrumentation to the song.

  • By law, Neal Sabel retains the copyright for the song that has been recorded by the artist. But the artist is free to use the song for promotional purposes.
  • Artist vocals will be mixed down into the song and the professional demo will be ready in a week. 

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