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Spy Agency Apps include Spy Agency, Spy Agency Express, Spy Agency Private Eye, Spy Agency Memento, Spy Agency Dual and Spy Agency Dual Express.


Spy Agency Apps has not and will not use your data for anything other than services required for Spy Agency Apps to function.  Spy Agency Apps will not share, upload, or otherwise transmit your data to any servers, whether owned by Neall Sabharwal or owned by a third party.  Spy Agency Apps will never sell your data to any third parties.

Spy Agency Apps

Spy Agency Apps are Match 3 Murder Mystery Apps in which users have to solve cases. Written clues are provided which correlate to items on the clue board. The user must best match the items to the clues and once they have matched 3 clues to 3 items they are able to progress onto the next case.


The objective of the games is to match each case in as few moves as possible in order to track the best score. Users have to solve each case within 5 moves and have 60 seconds, in order to do so. In the event, the case is not solved in that move count and time frame the game will revert back to the Chapter Select screen, allowing the user to select a different chapter or reconvene the current one.


For each App, medals and chapter scores are awarded at the end of each chapter, based on performance, and at the end of the games, a game score is calculated, correspondingly.



Test Information (Functional Requirements - Applicable To Spy Agency Apps)

1) Title screen (menu/navigation testing)

2) Intro screen (Character animations and label update testing)

3) Case screens (Clues loading testing, items loading testing)

4) Functions (timer function testing, moves number testing, track number testing, score accumulation testing)

5) Statistics (Chapter score testing, moves total testing, track total testing, medal assignment testing)

6) Playing Guide (label update testing, fade effects on items testing)

7) Chapter Select (Chapter navigation testing)

8) Music and FX (item FX testing, audio loading testing, and levels)

9) Speed and performance (Load time testing for cases)

10) Background and other (Background loading, item labels updating, item visual FX running)



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