Mercury Sky

Neal Sabel's 9th album release and what a release it is! This album shows real tenacity in Neal Sabel's artistry in making vintage quality 80s Style Rock/Pop with Synth and electro elements for delivering epic songs with memorable anthem type melodies.  His sound is evidently comparable to greats such as Richard Marx, Toto, Prince, Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, The Backstreet Boys, Survivor and Phil Collins. 

Broken Decoder

Neal Sabel's 8th album release, and this album shows Neal Sabel taking a different view and perspective with 80s Pop music.  In fact he has dreamed up a sub genre type, called, 80s Cyber-Pop in which dystopian futuristic elements Aka Philip K.Dick are infused with more classic and vintage 80s Pop and Rock.  Evidence of this are songs such as 'Electric City,' 'Agent Dekoder' and 'Law and Protection.'

Win In The End

Neal Sabel's 7th album release showcases a mix of emotions.  From the sweetly Romantic ballads such as "There's No Other Way," "Rainbow Girl" and "It Was There," to the sad and melancholic number such as "Glass Soldiers."  The album offers up big 80s style productions with honest and heartfelt songwriting, boasting originality and depth.  With resoundingly inspirational tracks such as "Win In The End," and dare say original Pop masterpieces such as "Lost In The Stars," this album will take you on a long, lost rollercoaster ride, re-enforcing your love for true and classic 80s Pop.

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