Are you an artist looking for a cool, cutting edge 80s sound?

Maybe you are a music supervisor looking for a big 80s sound for your next project?


Neal Sabel’s 80 Hit City Studios is a state of the art, streamlined music production and song writing studio, based in West London.  Using cutting edge synthesizers that include the Yamaha Montage 8, the Korg Radias and beat machines such as the Linn Drum and Hans Zimmer Percussion, Neal Sabel is able to bring new visionary ideas into real music.  


Combining futuristic and fantasy elements into a unique and vibrant style of 80s pop, 80s Hit City Studios has a definitive signature sound that can’t be emulated anywhere, not even by big international studios.  Its flavour of big electro and cinema drums with wonderfully toned synth pianos, pads, electric guitars, EP's and instantly gratifying and hyper catchy melodies make it a sure stand out sound and a true next generation sound. How?  Neal Sabel has spent over 17 years as a musician perfecting the sound, so that artists and supervisors worldwide can benefit from something genuinely fresh and genuinely original.  Are you ready to be a part of this phenomenal new sound?  


Let’s get started by checking out the Songs Showreels to hear an edited variety of songs and instrumentals, to get a quick overall feel of the sound.  If you're ready to roll then simply give Neal Sabel a bell (pun intended lol) at or go to Contact.  If you want to hear more, check out Full Songs and Artist Demo Rates for special running deals.  See you by the Neon lights!

Supervisors, check out Music Licensing Rates and Song Videos, and get inspired!

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