Project Titan

Just Come A Love Me

Hit Me With Your Body

You're My Perfect Fahrenheit

I Just Don't Wanna Love You

One Faded Memory

If I Had A DeLorean

That's The Way It's Down

Love is a Battleground

This is Where it Ends(Kristen)

Because You Kept Believing

Just Might Not Live To Love You

I Found Heaven

My Kryptonite

Out of My Head Esmerelda

Alien Invasion

Cast No Reflection

The Love Wins All

Miss Veronica

What's The Colour of Midnight


Vanessa Would You Love Me

Just Can't Love You From Heaven

Just Like The Thunder

I Know When I've Lost


Nights of Lightning

Indigo Rain

I Played With Your Heart

Firebeam of Love

Under The Neon Glow(Eleanore)

Poison Arrow

Those Days Are Gone Forever

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