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Neal Sabel born February 24th 1984 in London, England to Punjabi parents, a typical creatively gifted Pisces, interned at a variety of independent and major studios across London and Europe such as Blue Bird Studios, Cobra Red Productions, Knight Armour Studios, Star Generation Mix House, Ice Berg Sounds and many more.  Trained by seasoned professional producers, mixers, sound programmers, vocalists and songwriters Neal Sabel gained his chops learning from some of the world’s most highly skilled musicians.  After interning for over 8 years he started his own studio network, Neal Sabel’s 80s Hit City Studios formally WaveScapeStudios, where he undertook production work for many aspiring artists, that  include Justin Fields, Chris Jones, Kyle Warren Junior, Erin O’Connor, Felicia Larsson, Philip Chang, Danesh Kumar, Punjabi Dil, Tiffany Goldberg Roxy Stein, Elton Oliver, George Harley and many more.  


As a complete all rounder Neal Sabel was not only able to help on the technical aspects of music production such as recording and mixing but also in helping artists realise clean, catchy melodic lines in their music and lyrics, that significantly enhanced the commercial value and appeal for their songs.  


Having worked for a variety of high tech media and games companies that feature AlphaMedia, EchoStorm, FrenzyMediaGroup, BuzzChannel, CNN, BBC, Channel 4, Disney, Konami and Thunder&Lightening, Neal Sabel is also a highly sought after sound programmer and keyboard arranger, taking on specialised freelance projects.  Additionally, Neal Sabel is an independent artist having released 9 albums on iTunes to date, and currently working on his 10th where he strives to break musical boundaries by infusing 80s Pop with dystopian shades of the future, for a truly new exciting sound, dubbed 80s Cyber-Pop.

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